French Pastry By Sandrine

French Pastry By Sandrine

French Pastry By SandrineFrench Pastry By SandrineFrench Pastry By Sandrine
Valentines Day Cake

View the exotic and delicious items that Sandrine has to offer.

Custom Designed Macarons

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Fraisier is a specialty cake including French vanilla, génoise, strawberry, and custard

Take a look at the beautiful and delicious pastry made by the one and only Sandrine.

Blueberry Macaron

Sandrine is a native born French woman who loves to bake! She recently moved to America and brought with her a lifetime love of baking desserts using authentic french recipes.

Orange Macaron

 She says "In France baking is a way of life, so I've always baked" so thats what she did for her friends and neighbors soon after moving to Iowa. Soon after they got a taste of her rich and flavorful confections they started placing orders.  She has since been a guest vendor at the local Newbo market, and is available for pick up or delivery. 

Lime Macaron

Though Sandrine offers a wide variety of desserts, she specializes in Macarons and has over 70 different varieties (and growing) to choose from.  She caters to special events such as weddings, and can do custom desserts for holidays such as Easter, Valentines Day, or Christmas.  Place an order today and treat yourself to a authentic, delicious, French dessert today! 

Special Event Catering

Macaron Wedding Display

  Not only is Sandrine renowned for her delicious baked goods, she is a master at creating beautiful displays for special events! From holidays and corporate events to weddings and anniversaries Sandrine can custom design and deliver a pastry display for any occasion!

Holiday themed pastry
Easter Themed Macarons
Birthday Macarons


If you want your kid's birthday party to stand out you've come to the right place.    Sandrine's Macarons come in virtually any flavor so choose their favorite today! 

Want to really make your next event stand out?  
Sandrine will custom design and cater a beautiful pastry display for all occasions.
Contact Sandrine today to make your next event something special!

All orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance.  Pastry display creation time varies so notification is necessary as soon as possible. 

Gift Cards


For when you can't think of the perfect present Sandrine offers gift $5.00, $10.00 and $15.00 gift cards! 


Macaron Tshirt

want to look sweet?

Sandrine now sells t-shirts in All Sizes!  Contact Sandrine to get one sized for you today!  

$12.00 USD